Saturday, 29 August 2009

Perfect Tiered Skirt

After my failure yesterday I have been through my favourite online tutorials and Kuky Ideas posted this one (originally from 3Peas) which is easy to follow and it creates the perfect tiered skirt. It has the perfect twirl and doesn't look like a maternity skirt (M's comment on the skirt that I have made yesterday). I think what was wrong with it, was that the top tier was too narrow and therefore too tight.
The skirt was a success,
K's friend didn't take it off after she unwrapped it...what more can you ask for.
I love making presents for others, I spend a lot of time thinking about the person I create the present for and that helps me feel closer to the person than just going out and buying something. I know some people don't like homemade stuff but so far none of my friends have given any negative feedback.
I forgot to mention the headband it is a tutorial I found on foofangle, I shortened it a bit to fit a three year old.

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