Sunday, 7 February 2010

Finished Projects

My cousin recommended the books by Tone Finnanger and since they have arrived, I have been hooked. The projects are so beautiful, lots of bunnies, geese and witches. It is such a lovely book that it would be enough to just sit back and flip through the pages ... but it gets even better when you start sewing. Every project I have made so far has turned out brilliantly and I can only put that down to the superb instructions. I would love to use her lovely fabrics as well, but I could not justify buying new fabric, when I have a big stash at home.

My first project was the small hare. I love the way you sew before you cut , that way you get a very small seam allowance. C immediately adopted it, I think because it looks very similar to her "Hasi". Which led me to project number two, the wall hanging. The purple bunny is supposed to look like "Hasi", at least C. thinks so.

Then I made the tea cosy and was so excited by the way it turned out, that I gave it to my friend before I took a picture.
The last two projects were the little geese, they are so easy and quick to make, that I will certainly make more, they make cute little gifts.
Also Franziska, vielen Dank fuer die tolle Empfehlung.

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