Monday, 19 July 2010

Something else I have tried

I came across the tutorial for rose barrettes from the purl bee and while M. was watching the British GP I started making some, I ended up with 5 carried away again I suppose. They have been used for all sorts of games, so a few were missing before I could take a picture. I like the red and green ones best but guess what, surprise, surprise...K. loves the dark pink ones.

Latest craze

One of my friends got me interested in beaded jewellery and now I am hooked. It is great fun and I can do it in the garden while the girls are playing. I have been making a few things, trying out techniques and buying quite a few beads and findings. It is a bit dangerous because bits and pieces only cost around 99p but it all starts to add up... sewing seems a lot cheaper to me...but the downside is that it is best done inside. So beading for outside and sunny weather and sewing for inside and bad weather (or when I can find a free moment ;-))

A few more things I have made

I have discovered new sewing feet. I have used my zipper foot before but made piping yesterday, I think that I could get addicted. Today I tried my rolled hem foot for the first time, I can see that it will come in very useful but I need more practise. I made the apron dress from Everyday Chaos again, K. just loved her old dress and when I got pink, rainbow fabric I just had to make an other one (picture will follow, finished the dress after she went to bed).
We are off to Germany in a week and I have been busy making some bags to take with me: