Monday, 8 November 2010

New toy

I am so excited, I got a Cricut Expression for my birthday. I have only had it for two days but I can already see a new obsession coming. It is so much fun and you get brilliant results with every cut. (I will have to go to my local craft shop tomorrow and get some more bits and pieces and then I can post my first cards.)
Ok, here they are. I love this machine. I almost cried the other day when it didn't cut properly but I figured out that the knife got loose and that ripped my paper. This could definitely turn into a new obsession. I think that I will start on scrapbooks as my next big project. We have taken so many pictures of the girls but never managed to print them and put them in this will be my resolution for next year (because I will be busy making more cards before Christmas), make scrapbooks for the girls!
I forgot to mention that I used the Winter Woodland Cricut Cartridge and for the gingerbreadman I used the Paper Doll one.


  1. I got my Expression in April and love mine. It is an obsession, but the projects are always so cool. ENJOY!


  2. Thank you, I have to try to keep my crafting time to the times when my children are asleep...but sometimes the urge takes over. It is just too much fun.