Thursday, 25 November 2010

To buy an ATG gun or not to buy one?

I am trying to be sensible here... for the last week I have been looking at pink ATG guns and various blog posts about them. I have found one for £23 with two refills which I think is a good price but do I really need one? Am I making enough cards and will I get enough use out of it or will a small tape roller do?
Ok I just go ahead and get it, my last small tape roller has just run out and cutting tape off a roll and then sticking it on just takes far to long. And anyway, my friend just bought some jewelery from me and I will just reinvest my earnings.
Update: It arrived today, it is so pink and wonderful. I am glad I bought it, cutting double sided tape off the roll just took far too long and I am not the most patient crafter.

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