Saturday, 23 June 2012

National Quilt Championchips

My friend and I went to the National Quilt Championships on Friday. Wow, we thought that we had come a long way in our short time that we have been sewing but when we saw those quilts, we realised that there is still a mountain to climb. The quilts were amazing, the amount of detail and work that went into them was breathtaking.
We went along a spent some time looking for fabric and buying some, too, who could resist. We both agreed that if we won the lottery, a lot of that money would go towards fabric. Or a trip to the States, why is fabric over there so much cheaper? I could not get myself to spend £12 a meter for fabric. The problem is that it wouldn't end there, I would have to by the rest of the line, too and then we are talking loads more. And to be honest, I think fat quarters are too small. I like big projects and a fat quarter is never big enough.
Oh Moda fabrics, one day I will feel rich and careless and just buy you, but just for now, I admire you from afar and think about a super special project, to justify that expense.... my new lounger in the guestroom really needs a quilt on top, it looks very naked.