Friday, 19 October 2012

Practising for Halloween

My big girl wants to be a bat this year so we have been practising the face painting today. I have followed a tutorial by the brilliant Lisa Joy Young again. I need to make some wings in the next few days. She has gone through her wardrobe and found some leggings and a t-shirt that will be perfect, nothing better than team work!
I have found a super tutorial for bat wings here.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Face Painting

I have a new craze! Seems like I find something new every sew season. This summer it was face painting. I only wanted to look up how to do Butterflies and ended up hooked. Lisa Joy Young is brilliant and I keep looking at her you tube channel all the time. My oldest child is already so fed up, that we had to come to an agreement, she can paint my face, if I am allowed paint hers. I did a face painting day at my little girl's pre-school and took all my face paints to Germany with me.
I like the quick results and that you just wipe it off and can start again. I have been trying out Halloween ideas and can't wait!