Saturday, 23 July 2011

One more present for Miss R

It had to be the Tilda angel. I thought the bathrobe was quite cute and I enjoyed the bit of embroidery (You can clearly see that I am not an expert!). It was quite a time consuming project but great fun. Best of all as, that both teachers liked their gifts and cards.For the piggy one I used an svg images from treasure box design, they do such lovely characters.
I can't believe that K has almost finished her first year in school. They have done so much (and mummy had great fun making costumes) and I am sure these memories will stay with her for a long time 9 even longer if mummy manages to finish the scrapbook).

Monday, 18 July 2011

Teachers' presents

I have to make presents for six teachers this year. The pre-school teachers are the most difficult, because they have received gifts from us for three years now and I don't want to repeat myself. One of the school teachers was easy, she collects pigs and I found this flying pig in a Tilda book.

The pre-school teachers are getting bracelets like this one
Now I only have to figure out what to do for Miss R and then I am done...mmmh a bag or an angel?

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Butterfly costume

My daughter's class held an "Ugly Bug Ball" and even though we have a perfectly fine bee and ladybird costume she requested a butterfly outfit...but not any old butterfly outfit, it had to have the stages of the butterfly's life in it. Thankfully I remembered a short tutorial for a wrap-around-butterfly-wings-skirt on ikatbag . I didn't have her exact measurements but it worked out all right (ok, the wings turned out a bit too long and that's why you can see the pink skirt when you wrap them around, but it is good enough for me). The skirt worked as the butterfly and cocoon and I made the caterpillar out of felt and used a button for the egg. The evening before the dressing up day she reminded me that she needs antennae, too. So there I was making pink pompoms to attach on a headband. In the morning we had to paint her face, too....the things you do to make your little ones happy. To be honest, I get just as much fun out of making the costumes for her as she gets out of wearing them.