Monday, 27 July 2009

Market skirt finished

Good morning. I woke up at six this morning and could not go back to sleep, so I got dressed and went downstairs to finish the market skirt (from Apart from a couple of mistakes and a few seams I had to undo it turned out really lovely. I am going upstairs to wake up my little angels and hope that K will like it. I haven't made any skirts for C yet because she is rolling around so much and I think that skirts are not that practical at the moment.
I have just noticed that the pocket is at an angle, will have to rip it up and do it again. Maybe early morning sewing is not the way forward.
Here is the picture. K wanted to wea a hat, she had chicken pox last week and doesn't like the spots. The red fabric I have used was a bargain from IKEA. I found it in the children's section where all the bedding is and it was £4.99 for 3m, what a bargain. The hat is made from a burda pattern ( I think it was in the German burda magazine in April).


  1. Hello..

    I made a market skirt for my little one yesterday. Had a great time making it! I would love to take a peek of yours too.

    have a great day~

  2. can't wait to see a picture! please send me a link when you post!
    (and sorry you had some problems...esp getting the pockets on straight. it's not easy)

  3. This looks fantastic. Now I know what to try next!