Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I made something new

Not that I haven't been making things, but I finally managed to take some pictures before I posted it. It is my godmother's 60th birthday and even though we usually just wish each other a happy birthday, this called for an exception. She is a big fan of cranes and butterflies. My mum is hosting her party and the theme is, guess what, cranes and butterflies. While my mum was over for a visit, we folded loads of Origami cranes, mostly in blue, because that is my aunt's favourite colour. After my mum had left, I remembered that I had seen this tutorial on sew mama sew, I loved the font but thought that it looked too involved and I can't get hold of freezer paper. I then had a look at this tutorial and combined both. I was really pleased with my result, even though I had to open quite a few seams again. I hope she likes it, too.

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