Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Olympic birthday party

Just thought I share my ideas for an Olympic birthday party. My older daughter turned 6 in May and living in GB she got hooked on the idea of the Olympics. Unfortunately the weather was really bad, so we had to do it inside. We had 12 children and split them three teams. When they arrived they had to create their team flags and find a name for their team. We then paraded through the house, following the Olympic torch. The children were shown the seven activities:
  1. medal forge: I baked gingerbread medals the day before (simple circles with a small hole at the top) and the children had free range over the decorations.
  2. Olympic hats: I had cut our party hats in Olympic colours with my cricut (free svg file here on svgcuts) and the children got to stick stickers on and colour them (no glue because too messy)
  3. kangaroo jump: keep feet together and jump as far as you can, three goes, add points
  4. beanbag toss: throw beanbags in different sized buckets, three goes, add points
  5. dream trampoline on the Wii (we were going to use the trampoline in the garden)
  6. star jumps: count how many star jumps you can make
  7. hula hoop: count how many rotations you manage
The children circulated at their own pace, that's why we had so many stations. They noted their results down on their score sheets (here is the free font for the London Olympics). After they finished their activities, I added all the scores and divided the results for each team by the amount of team members). After our picnic we had the medal ceremony, each team member got a rosette and a party bag. Party bags had a book, GB flag, party blower and their own gingerbread medal in them.
We didn't have a big cake but lots of little cupcakes, it was a lot less mess this way. They were really tiny, only two teaspoons of dough in each.

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